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January 2012

Day 4, The Beginning

Red Bull Fail

Day 7

Drinking Beer With Invisalign

Pros and Cons- My Take On Invisalign

ClinCheck Videos!

June 2012

Exercising With Invisalign

The First Time I Really Noticed A Difference With Invisalign

Invisalign Virtual Bite Ramps

Invisalign Aligners That Aren’t Cut Correctly

September 2012

Moving With Invisalign

October 2012

Invisalign Progress Pictures

January 2013

Refinement Nightmare

February 2013

My ortho gave me “the London look” with IPR.

May 2013

Are you wearing whitening things on your teeth?

Attachment Removal

June 2013

This is what my orthodontist calls “progress”.

September 2013

Stained and peeling aligners with Invisalign’s new SmartTrack material (UPDATED)

December 2013

Depressing Reality

January 2014

Pregnancy, A Needy Baby, and Invisalign

Macro shots of residual attachment material

February 2014

Almost finished! Maybe…

March 2014

March 4th, The Supposed Last Day of Invisalign

Pros And Cons of Invisalign: Revised after 2+ Years of Wearing Aligners

I chipped my front tooth on a ham sandwich. Seriously.

Does Ashton Kutcher wear Invisalign?

April 2014

Third Refinement… The end is near!!

May 2014

How some of you got to my blog…

Aligner not fitting after getting a filling.

June 2014


Great News!

July 2014

My Crown Lengthening Surgery

August 2014

My last day of Invisalign

September 2014

Lip Repositioning Surgery


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