Aligner doesn’t fit quite right after getting a filling

Thank goodness I was patient enough to wait until my “last” aligner to take care of a cavity. I’ve been putting it off for this exact reason even though both my orthodontist and dentist said it ‘shouldn’t be a problem’. Who knows, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal. All I know is that my top tray is lifted away from my last molar and won’t sit in place like it should. It seems though that it’s still tight over my problem teeth (#s 6 and 7) which is something I suppose.

I tried on my aligner for my dentist but the left side of my face was completely numb so I guess I couldn’t tell that something was off. After the filling, she sent me over to hygiene for my biannually cleaning. Afterward, the hygienist slathered on a fluoride treatment and instructed me not to wear my aligners for a couple hours. It wasn’t until after then that I had noticed.

I have three overcorrection aligners which I do plan to wear, so I guess I need to go back to my dentist to have her shape up my tooth. I’m really not looking forward to more power tools rattling my skull. And if she can’t fix it? Well, whatever. I’ll just pull the plug. I’m over this whole process. It’s been just about two and a half years… that’s a year and a half more than what my original orthodontist predicted.

So! My advice to you? If you absolutely have to take care of a cavity during your Invisalign treatment, definitely verify with your orthodontist that he/she is okay with the procedure. You may even want to get this in writing! If your aligners no longer fit after your filling and your dentist is unable to fix it, you may be responsible for paying for a mid-course correction or refinement. I know I’ve read about it somewhere on AlignTech’s website but I’m too lazy right now to find the link. Anyway, play it smart! Even the smallest discrepancy can affect how the aligners move your teeth, especially if it’s not taken care of right away.

In my case, I don’t really give a shit. I’m so close to the end and these overcorrection aligners won’t be doing much anyway. I just now decided that I’m not calling my dentist.


2 thoughts on “Aligner doesn’t fit quite right after getting a filling

  1. How funny is that. I look up invisalign blog on Google to see if I can find someone who may have had this experience before and yours is the first one I find! I just started my first tray and it is something else! I have been in so much pain, and on top of that I got a HUGE cavity filled my last tooth in the back, and I can’t tell if my aligner doesn’t fit right because it covers my teeth but i don’t hear the snapping sound on my bottom tray

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