Macro Shots of Residual Attachment Material

Finally!  My better half surprised me with an Olloclip for my iPhone, and of course one of the first things I did was zoom in on my attachments with its macro lens.  I am now able to see how much of that junk is still on my teeth…  and I’m not crazy.  There’s a lot of it!

photo 2

Above is my upper right lateral.  The attachment material goes all the way up to my gum line.  At first, it drove me absolutely nuts.  I wasn’t used to my teeth feeling disgusting day in and day out.  I’ve almost gotten used to it.  I hate how my front teeth appear lackluster and dull and constantly feel like I’ve been sucking on Jolly Ranchers all day.  Below (my upper left lateral incisor) is a better example of how big of a difference in appearance it makes when your teeth aren’t smooth.  Not that big of a deal since my aligners are on almost all the time, but for those times when you’d like to go “aligner commando” it definitely sucks because it is visible to the naked eye.  Plus, now I’m going to have to endure needless grinding and polishing.  Again though, the lateral tooth below has never been straight, so I’m unsure of how smooth it was to begin with. Never mind, I discovered other pictures proving that it definitely used to be smooth.

photo 5

Also, as much as I hate to point it out, notice the decalcification spots.  I think that’s what they’re called.  Anyway, take note kids.  That’s what happens when you have crowded teeth and don’t give a shit about flossing.  Here is a permanent reminder of my laziness from my younger years.  Another pointer:  Your dentist is very aware if you lie about poor flossing habits.  I don’t even know why they ask you if you floss when they already know damn well whether you do or not.  It’s like seeing red and blues in your rear view mirror… you get stopped for speeding and the cop asks you if you know why he pulled you over.  You and him both know the answer to that one.  He finds amusement in watching you dance.

Even though I’ve been flossing religiously for about six years now, I still walk around with reminders of my past.  Since we’ve moved around during that time, I feel as though I’ve had to convince my new dentists (and their hygienists) that the spots they see in the x-rays between my teeth are in fact very old and that I DO floss.  I floss like a mad person!!  Maybe it’s because I still feel guilty for lying to Dr. P. for all those years when I was a kid, but I sense that they’re thinking, “Sure you floss.  And the tooth fairy is real too.”  Ugggh.

I used to be able to hide all this up until the past couple weeks.  My recent aligners are doing their job and my lateral incisors are finally rotating into place.  I was very surprised to see these ugly spots, but it is what it is.

photo 4

Above is a shot of my lower right canine and like the laterals up top, its opposite is in the exact same condition.  The excess attachment material goes all the way to my gum line… again.  The last time they put attachments on these teeth (I made a video about this in a previous post), they were sloppy as well and the stuff that squeezed out from the attachment template’s bubble wasn’t removed before they sent me on my way.  I really don’t like jackhammers vibrating on my teeth so, until the other day, I was somewhat content that they just left it.  I’d have preferred that it was never there in the first place though!.  I mention “the other day” because I had my teeth cleaned again.  This time by a different hygienist.  She was floored that they had left my teeth like that which leads me to believe that this isn’t the norm.  Hell, who knows.  Maybe it is, and she’s just never seen teeth like mine.  Anyway, she had some extra time so rather than kicking me out of her chair, she was kind enough to file away a bunch of that junk with a super fine bur that I’d never experienced before.  How nice of her!  It’s still there but much less annoying.

photo 1

And lastly, the above picture is the the final state of my poor incisors after my interproximal reduction debacle.  Whatever.  Even though it still pisses me off, there isn’t much I can do about it now except to accept it and remind myself that things could always be worse.


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