Stained aligners with Invisalign’s new SmartTrack material (UPDATED)

**UPDATE! January 27, 2014**

So I ran out of Efferdent, and since I no longer care about the state or color of my aligners, I decided to completely forgo any cleansing tabs. And guess what?  My aligners are pretty clear!  I’ve even been guilty of having red wine while wearing them with no permanent discoloration.  Guess I should’ve taken Invisalign’s advice not to use denture cleaner!  Not to worry though if you’re still using the old EX30 material because Polident was awesome for that.  For now, I just use water.

I’ve also gone from wearing my aligners for a full two weeks down to one week.  That also may play a small part as well.

My official solution for clear aligners is to always keep them soaking in water if they’re not in your mouth, and brush them when you’re ready to put them back in.  I’ve been too cheap to order Retainer Brite so I can’t confirm whether that works well or not, so I’ll leave that for you to decide.

And onto my original post:

After a ridiculous three-month wait for my second refinement, I can finally post a quick review of Invisalign’s new SmartTrack material!  First, if you’re not familiar with it, here are a few of the FAQs  from’s website:

Question:  What’s the difference between the old material and the new material?

Answer:  The new SmartTrack material delivers a more constant force over the two week aligner wear than the original EX30 material for improved tracking.

Question:  Does the new material have the same resistance to staining?

Answer:  Some doctors have noted a slight increase in staining with the new SmartTrack material, but still within an acceptable level.

So far I like everything about it except for one thing… and that’s the staining!!  This new material stains waaaaay easier.  For the longest time, I’ve had the same cleaning routine which included letting my aligners sit in 3-minute Polident… and I’ll admit, they usually soaked for way longer than three minutes.  Five days into my first set of this series of aligners, my trays began to turn a disgusting, dingy yellow hue that no amount of scrubbing or soaking could remove.  I was confused as I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink while wearing them with the exception of water and a sugar free Red Bull.  It had crossed my mind that perhaps the stain had come from the time I had strong coffee and put my aligners back in before brushing my teeth.  That theory was a little ridiculous, but I was still determined to find the source of the problem… so I began with the Polident.

For my second set of aligners, I went over one week without soaking my trays in the denture cleaner… only water, and only most of the time.  It amazed me how clean my aligners remained simply from my Polident usage (I was dying for this experiment to be over with)!  So, after just over a week, here are my results.

(click to blow it up)


My habits didn’t change throughout this time…  And now I’m currently half way through set 3 using a different denture cleaner (generic 15 minute Efferdent) twice a day, and my aligners are crystal clear.  If I find the time, I’ll do another comparison photo.  Anyway people, don’t use 3-minute Polident to clean your SmartTrack aligners!  Well, unless your teeth are already yellow and in that case, who cares.  Keep being awesome.

Moving on… I love how soft the new material is.  It’s almost as if I have to peel them off my teeth.  While I’ve never experienced a torn or cracked aligner, my guess is that it happens less often for other Invisalign users now than it used to with the old stuff.

Apparently peeling has also been an issue for some people.  My aligners don’t peel, (Yes they do! Read my update below) however they do get little rough spots on some of the back teeth.  I read that here is a soft layer that coats the aligner and depending on where your teeth make contact, it can peel.  I believe they’re working on improving this in a future material.  For now though, it’s not a big deal… for me at least.

Another thing that may bother people is the material’s ability to soak in the mint flavor of toothpaste.  I switched toothpaste brands one time to see if that would change anything but it didn’t.  If at any time during the day I want to be reminded of what my fricken toothpaste tastes like, all I need to do is suck really hard on my aligners and BAM, toothpaste.  Again, it’s not annoying enough for it to be an issue.

So there’s my quick review.  More pictures to come at a later date!

Update: January 7, 2014-   (See second update further below)

I posted this almost four months ago and in that time, my love-hate relationship with Invisalign’s SmartTrack material has flourished.  It’s mostly the hate part but let’s start with the good stuff first.  I still like how flexible the aligners are compared to the original plastic.  For those of you who have had both, you’re probably in agreement with me that they’re much easier to remove even with attachments.

The only other thing I like about it is that my problem teeth are now moving, however I’m pretty sure it has more to do with my second refinement plan and less to do with the resilience of the SmartTrack material.  In fact, I have a feeling that after wearing the same SmartTrack aligner for a couple months, it’s not holding up to what it once was… in more ways than one.

Back in May when I was going back and forth with my provider about what we should do in my final refinement, I asked her if I could have “passive aligners” for my lower teeth to carry me to the finish of my upper teeth since I knew that the bottom would be finished long before the top.  Her response led me to believe that she didn’t know what passive aligners were even after I had explained what I’d read about them (I typically like to avoid offering treatment suggestions to doctors because what if I’m wrong?).  She told me that when the time came, she could make me a “temporary” retainer which is silly because she was essentially volunteering to spend time and resources on something that was completely unnecessary.

A screenshot from AlignTech (click for the actual source)

Well, the time came and my daily routine quickly turned into maintaining a furry, yellow aligner for 22 hours every day.  I’m quite certain these weren’t made to have more than a two or three-week lifespan.  Though the staining is bad and inevitable, it’s the PEELING that is beyond annoying.  The best part though, is that the last time I saw my orthodontist, she insisted that I just finish treatment and she’d make me a retainer afterward.  In other words… she skipped out on making me that “passive retainer” she promised a while back!  She’s made me one before and not only was it not scalloped around the gum line, it was also thick and very obtrusive.  Otherwise, I’d have reminded her of that promise.  So yeah, my “cons” are the peeling and staining regardless of how well you take care of them.  Get your crap together, Invisalign.  It’s time you figure out this peeling and staining issue.  I know you read my blog.  Thanks, Google Analytics.

Here is my current lower aligner… I’ll be wearing it for a few more months.  Oh joy.

Peeling SmartTrack Aligner Processed with VSCOcam


17 thoughts on “Stained aligners with Invisalign’s new SmartTrack material (UPDATED)

  1. I recently got my new refinement trays and I have to say they suck! They are definitely easier to remove and don’t get “loose” on your teeth like the old material. I haven’t dealt with any staining of the trays yet. I soak mine in Retainer Brite. But I absolutely cannot deal with the rough/peeling trays in my mouth! It annoys the hell out of me. Oh well, 14 more trays to go! Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks for reading! I was actually planning on adding a picture of my peeling aligner tonight… I took it earlier today. I’m curious as to how good this Retainer Brite is. At this point, I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to order some from Amazon. I think I’m really the only one who notices how discolored they are.

      • I haven’t really dealt with any trays being stained in my invisalign journey. Sometimes I drink coffee and put my trays back in without brushing as well. I am on a 10 day cycle with my trays so maybe that has something to do with it if you’re on the 14 day cycle. But I would definitely recommend Retainer Brite over any of the other solutions. I found it online when I first started my journey. I also bought an ultrasonic cleaner and I put the tablet and trays in that when I wake up and before I got to bed.

        As for people noticing your stained trays, I am sure it’s only you unless they’re super yellow. But I don’t think they look THAT bad!

  2. I have the same peeling issues… and I probably end up swallowing some of the pieces that peel off. Do you know if they are toxic?

    • Sucks, right? I highly doubt it’s toxic though. Think about it… these things are designed to be in our mouths for 91.6% of every day. I’m hoping the next Invisalign generation is just around the corner. Of course, I won’t benefit from it but others will.

  3. Just started Invisalign today and I love your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to this! I think your words and guidance will help me tremendously!

  4. I am having all of these issues…. peeling, staining, uber frustrated! My dentist acted like she’s never heard of this peeling I’m complaining of, and practically insinuated that this was occurring because I was somehow not taking care of them properly. I soak mine in something called Fresh Guard made for retainers, etc. It is all that I have found available. I will try to order this Retainer Brite to see if that helps. I am also interested in the Retainer issue, as my top teeth are suppose to be done in 10 months, while the bottom takes 18 months. She promised that I’d get a retainer at that time. Hmmm wondering if I will now. I’m so glad I found this blog!

  5. Ha I had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. Only difference I had was I got a cleaner called oap cleaner that is great. It didnt yellow (probably because it is a soap and not a soaking thing) and left it clean as new. Also it say it kills bacteria and viruses on the aligner.

    • I’ve been using the Retainer Brite that was mentioned previously, and my aligners are so much less yellow than with the Fresh Guard product I’d been using. I mentioned it to my dentist, and they’d never heard of it. It’s unfortunate that the Invislign company hasn’t done better research on cleaning products, even if it is through polling patients, to be able to recommend something to their dentist!

  6. I just began my Invisalign treatment last week. I was told by my orthodontist that I should not soak them in anything but a hydrogen peroxide and water solution. Maybe that has something to do with the peeling? It might be too early to tell, but no staining whatsoever and no peeling.

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