This is what my orthodontist calls “progress”.

Seriously.  Before I showed her this very same gif file, she tried telling me that my lateral incisors were looking great and that they’re “half way there”.  So I emailed her this:


I don’t know what the hell she was looking at when she told me my laterals were looking good, but it certainly wasn’t this.

The above gif file is a comparison of my upper arch over the span of six months. It’s my the starting picture of my first refinement placed directly on top of the starting picture of my second refinement.

What’s even more fucked up is that after showing her the comparison below, she refuses to agree with me that my aligners aren’t fitting correctly.  Her words verbatim after I told her again that my attachments weren’t fitting in their corresponding bubbles:  “The fit and intrusion does appear to be within the normal range.”  Aligners AREN’T SUPPOSED TO FIT LIKE THIS!  Even Invisalign says so!  This link is a slide taken directly from an AlignTech powerpoint presentation.

Anyway, judge for yourself… do you think my aligners fit?  They obviously haven’t fit well enough to properly move any of my fucking teeth over an entire period of six months!

Refinement Comparison

I feel like slamming my head against my desk.  I’ve already begun searching for a new orthodontist.  I have zero faith that I’ll find one who will take on my case this late in the game… and if he or she does, I’m sure it will cost me a pretty penny.  I’ve already reached my $6,000.00 mark and I truly don’t want to spend more money if I don’t have to.  GEEZ…


15 thoughts on “This is what my orthodontist calls “progress”.

  1. What does your first refinement tray (of round 1) look like? Was she expecting a lot of extrusion of from your lateral incisors that just didn’t happen, thus resulting in the gap in the trays? I would assume if extrusion is expected, you’d need attachments to assist in the process. I had a small (maybe 1/5 of the gap that you have) forming right before my refinement and I mentioned it to the assistant and she said that they shouldn’t fit like that but not to worry because we were taking impressions that day anyways. After reading all of your horror stories, I think it’s time to jump ship. You can only hold on for so long before chalking it up as a lost cause. Just my two cents, though. Best of luck!

  2. The first tray of refinement 1 is actually the first image (November) in that gif. The second image (May) is the first aligner simulation of refinement 2. I’ve been having some difficulty with inserting certain types of files into wordpress lately so please let me know if the picture isn’t switching in your browser 🙂

    Anyway, no, there wasn’t supposed to be any extrusion from any of those incisors mainly because we were “trying” to get make my gummy smile look better. Pulling teeth down would only make my gums show more.

    Here are is a link to my very first Clincheck: Notice the intrusion of my upper incisors.

    Here is a link for my first refinement. Again, watch how my upper incisors should be moving up… and none of the anterior teeth are moving down.

    This is something that she and I covered on multiple occasions. Here is the new clincheck that she presented me the other day: She had some of my teeth moving down… I truly don’t even think she gave any instruction to my plan before sending in my impressions to Invisalign. More on that later though…

  3. I think that sometimes rotations on laterals and canines just don’t want to happen. I am having that problem with a canine and within a couple of trays of receiving my mid course correction, I was back to the same problem. The other teeth are moving so my ortho’s assistant thought my canine was moving. Twice now she has said “Wow! That canine has really moved a lot!”. In truth, it has not rotated one single bit according to the pictures from my first clincheck and my mid-course pictures. I have a very experienced ortho but those teeth are just notoriously hard to rotate. I suspect that if you spent the money and got a new ortho, you would just end up with the same problem. Would you be willing to do a sectional brace? I’m not…which will make things difficult very soon….

    • I’ve been told that laterals are difficult teeth to move and especially canines mainly because of the length of their roots (on the latter). In the very beginning, my first orthodontist told me that we might have problems with the canine but never mentioned the laterals. Lateral incisors are definitely correctable with the right knowledge and skill on how to use the tool- that being Invisalign and Invisalign’s attachments, buttons, and/or elastics. I just did a quick search and this was the first link that came up: This is just from one doctor. I’m guessing my orthodontist is very skilled as well… but not with Invisalign.

      Anyway, I hope you get your issues resolved (just as I do mine)!

  4. I just googled the problem I have had for a long time and it brought me to your blog. I’m on my fourth refinement and my one outside top incisor hasn’t moved in the last two refinements im convinced. When I go in for check ups and say that my tooth isn’t fitting in the alighner properly they say its within means aswell and either continue to give me aligners or do impressions. I don’t know what to do!

      • I haven’t had to pay extra. My orthodontist didn’t say that there was an extra cost for more refinement so I hope hes not expecting anything once its al said and done! im not exactly sure how to post pictures in my comment. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will see what he says. I feel like hes going to give me another refinement. I’m so fed up with invisalign and this tooth that i’m considering just getting a veneer on the one problem tooth.

  5. Holy shit, woman, you have been through hell and back! I can’t believe the nonsense your orthodontist tells you. I would be so frustrated but what can you do? Find a new ortho I guess but that will cost you more money. If you are totally bored and want to read about my effed up teeth/face/nose check out my blog There is a tab at the top that is the explanation of my problems. Then just search “invisalign” for my other posts. Also, if you are seriously thinking about finding another ortho, I highly suggest Dr. Roblee. Even if you just flew out to have a consultation to see what he thinks can be done, it may be worth it.

  6. I got them a few months ago and they could put a picture of Invisalign right next to the definition of hell. I got them out of pure peer pressure. My family said “go ahead and try them.” I said I don’t want them. Next thing I know, I have them. $5000 shot to bits. Now that I don’t want them, I get reminded I “need” them every day.

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