Invisalign Progress Pictures

First, I’d like to start by stating that there is rarely an instance where an up-close picture of someone’s mouth is attractive.  Ever.  Except in those freakishly perfect lipstick ads… and in those cases, they’ve definitely had some digital doctoring.  Anyway, I am a great example of my first statement.

There are a couple things you can do however, to lessen the gross factor when taking your pictures.  All too many invisalign blogs that I’ve come across feature pictures that have been taken in poor light.  That alone throws off the white balance which casts a very awkward shade on everything.  Fluorescent light can make your teeth look blue or green, and incandescent lighting (regular old light bulbs) can make your teeth appear dingy and yellow.  We don’t want our teeth to look yellow, do we?  I took my most recent pictures with my iphone –quite professional– standing in front of my window.  Direct sunlight should be avoided, though.  And lastly, a good whitening can’t ever hurt.

I kind of regret not taking progress pictures all along, but I suppose it’s never too late to start, right?

I’m on aligners #19, which just so happen to be the very last of phase one for my lower jaw and according to my original plan, it should now officially be perfect (and it’s pretty close).  But while I love my new smile, I am far from finished.  Plus, aside from the refinement stage, I still have eight more (16 weeks) for the top.

Here are a couple random photos of me before my treatment:


And of course, this goofy one from day 3:

So, here are my teeth today!


7 thoughts on “Invisalign Progress Pictures

  1. Gorgeous smile! Looking forward to see at least 80% of the results you have achieved with Invisalign in my case as well!! I’m on tray#3 (out of 14) and I didn’t notice any progress so far.

    However, hope dies last 🙂

  2. Your treament is looking incredible!

    Question since you finished the bottoms:

    Did you have to do refinements or are you completely done on the bottom? If you are done, are you simply wearing our last tray until the top ones are complete or did you get a retainer already?

    • Why thank you, Brad! I’ve been slacking lately but sometime this week I plan to add a an updated post on my progress so far… which just so happens to do with refinement… which also have happened to be a very frustrating process for me.

      But in a nutshell, yes, I had to wear my last lower aligner foreeeever. I’ve read though, that if there is a large gap between the end of the lowers and uppers, then some orthodontists order several sets of the last one… get this… WITHOUT those stupid-looking bubbles for your attachments. This way you’d be able to switch to new ones that are not only “new” but less visible. Sigh.. in a perfect world…

      • You rock! !! Sorry to hear about the refinement woes. Your new entry about refinements has me worried big time about not being included in the price and I will be asking where I stand at my next appointment this week.

        Thanks again for keeping us updated on your trials and tribulations. This blog of yours is very informative and helpful!

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