Invisalign Aligners That Aren’t Cut Correctly

The following pictures point out the key areas in which Aligntech royally screwed up.

Unfortunate for me, I discovered these “flaws” the morning I put them in… and also a week before I moved from South Texas to the East Coast.  In other words… It would’ve been impossible to have my doctor order a more comfortable set.  I was stuck, and that was that.

Remember folks, this is what they’re supposed to look like (and apparently, what your mouth is supposed to look like mid-treatment too).

I did some more Google searching and didn’t find much on aligners that come from the aligner factory like mine did, however I did find plenty to read from people who’ve experienced sharp edges.  Everyone’s solution seemed to be that if you used a nail file to sand down the sharp parts, you could instantly be pain-free and continue on your merry way.  A walk in the park. Finito. Done.  But for me, that wasn’t so.

Here are a couple words that describe my experiences with aligners #10:

•  not funny

•  sharp

•  blood

•  raw patches… you would think that my tongue and cheeks had the herp.

•  football player mouth guard… the kind you boil

•  gum suffocation

•  raging

•  bitch

I am now two trays past this ridiculousness, so obviously I managed to power through.  If you ever experience this, here are my suggested options:  1.  Be pissed.   2.  Call up your doc and postpone your treatment a minimum of two weeks while you wait for new ones.  3.  Power through like the gladiator you are.


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