Invisalign Virtual Bite Ramps

Bite Ramps

Bite Ramps

Edit: I’ve since renamed this post “Invisalign Virtual Bite Ramps” because, as I found out, they are not any form of lingual Power Ridges.  In fact, to my knowledge, I don’t think there is such thing!

Are these bumps the same thing as “bite turbos”?  My orthodontist couldn’t tell me when I asked him six months ago.  To be fair, I didn’t specifically ask him this exact question… I asked him what in the world the purpose was for the huge lumps on the backs of my upper aligners.  They were preventing my back molars from touching-  how uncomfortable!!  His answer was, “They help your teeth move.”  Thanks, Dr. I., I would never have guessed that.  No wonder I suffered from perpetual jaw-clenching.  Me: “Touch, molars, please just touch!!!”  ::CLENCH CLENCH::

Since then, I’ve done a lot of reading, and though I’m no doctor, I’m going to safely assume that these bubbles are some form of ‘bite ramps’ specific to Invisalign, and preform one of the same tasks that typical bite turbos do when used with traditional braces:  they slowly open up my extremely deep bite (I’ve also read that turbos prevent upper incisors from damaging appliances attached to the lower incisors… am I correct?).

A deep bite can be a more severe version of an overbite.  Unfortunately, I suffer from this but, hallelujah! Invisalign is now able correct this problem.  Here is a more detailed explanation.

Deep Bite

Deep Bite

Due to my persistent clenching habit, the bumps at the back of my top aligners are pretty beat up by the end of two weeks.  My orthodontist suggested I try thinking of other things when I start to clench my teeth, but I find that difficult when the only time I’m clenching my teeth is when my mind is on other things.  Once I realize I’m doing it, I stop.  Not having your back molars making contact is pretty annoying, you know?!  But like I said earlier, the worst part is only the first few days of each set.  Thank goodness because I might go nuts.

Luckily Invisalign aligners as we all know, aren’t made of metal… otherwise, I could have THIS torture device in my mouth!!

This video reminds me of the part in a horror movie when the murderer unsheathes his knife and lets it glisten before he stabs his victim.

Anyway, if I had these, it would mean absolutely no removing the appliance for mealtime.  I’m so happy I chose Invisalign.

I noticed at the end of my ClinCheck videos that my bite was suddenly being ‘opened’, but now that I go back and watch them again, I see that my bite, from the beginning, has slowly  been opening all along.  How exciting!!  This alone will make a huge difference in the appearance of my teeth when everything is all said and done.

Note: If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, click on my ClinCheck link above and you’ll be able to watch these short videos.

These clincheck videos are actually very ‘kind’ to the actual appearance of my teeth.  How? you ask… well it’s simple.  Crooked teeth reflect light differently than straight teeth.  Even in well-lit places, a tooth that is crooked often appears dark, or even much lighter than the teeth surrounding it creating an uneven look per se.  Just check out my profile photo:

Reason #4397 why I’m straightening my grill.

So moving on… I also have power ridges on the outsides of two of my upper teeth.  If anything makes my aligners noticeable, it’s these little light reflectors.

Power Ridges

Power Ridges

Now, I’m not exactly sure of the technical term for my ‘lingual bumps’ but I do know that these are in fact called power ridges.  If you’re not familiar with power ridges, watch this video so you’ll get a better idea.

So now that I’m on aligners #12, I can definitely see a difference (though small) in how much of my bottom incisors are showing.  All these little annoyances are so worth it!!

Anyway, I have yet to come across someone online, or in person, who has experienced these ‘lingual power ridges’.  I know I have readers out there… can someone please step forward?!  I’m tired of feeling alone!  Okay, joking… but still, it would be nice if I could find someone to join me in martyrdom.


10 thoughts on “Invisalign Virtual Bite Ramps

  1. You are not alone! I had power ridges on my top front 4 teeth. They were on sets 1-9 and I just started 10 and was pleasantly surprised to see them gone! So there is a chance yours won’t be there for your entire treatment. I’ve got my fingers crossed mine won’t show up on future trays. 🙂

  2. I just got a new set of invisaligns and didn’t notice the bumps on the back of my upper front teeth and the power ridges until I left the orthodontist’s office. So glad to have found your blog entry. It’s only Day 2 of these trays, so hard to tell how effective they will be. I thought after my first 37 trays my overbite would be corrected, but it definitely is not!!!

  3. Thanks, my first two commenters!

    I was able to look at some of my last aligners “for motivation” and my bite turbos and power ridges are there until the very end. Jules, do you have a deep bite? I’m concerned because lately, my aligners haven’t been fitting around some of my top front teeth correctly and my theory is because my bite turbos aren’t doing as good of a job as my doctor had originally mapped out. I have an appointment Tuesday to see if my theory is correct. New post soon!

  4. These are not lingual power ridges. They are called virtual “bite turbos” and their purpose is to cause occlusion to happen more strongly on the anterior teeth in hopes of intruding them to open the bite. They are not officially recognized by Align Technologies, but some doctors, including myself, have found them useful, but only in specific instances. The doctor requests horizontal attachments on the lingual surfaces of the upper anterior teeth, but then does not fill them in with attachment material, leaving bubbles on the aligner, but without any changes to the teeth.

    When used properly, it can help prevent posterior open bites, and help intrude anterior teeth. They can cause non-tracking of teeth or undesired movements if not used with a complete understanding. Best to speak to your doctor for your specific situation.

    BTW, one of my staff members has started a blog in case you’re interested 🙂

  5. I have both bite turbos and power ridges on my invisalign! I’ve had the bite turbos all along, and now with aligner #11 I have the ridges! Welcome to the club of those of us with overbites! I also get to have my overjet corrected and 2 upper premolar extraction gaps closed, yay!

  6. Thank you so much! I have been wondering what the purpose was for these bite shelves in the back of my front 2 teeth. When I asked what they were she said “they are for you to bite on” ok?.. Lol. Now I know the reason! Makes sense 🙂

  7. I just got invisalign yesterday and I have those too. Im confused though because my bottom teeth are pushed in and need to come out more and the dr told me the bumps on the back of my top tray push my back teeth in? I do have an overbite. I hope thats really what its for. It sucks not being able to bite down correctly!

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