The First Time I Really Noticed A Difference With Invisalign

When do you start seeing Invisalign results, you ask?  Well, everyone’s case is different so timing will definitely vary.  Mine was aligner set #9.  I am now on #11.

I was doing my nightly ritual of washing my face, flossing, brushing and all that fun stuff when I realized that my bottom teeth seemed not so… crooked.  Of course, like most of you have done, (don’t deny it!) I would compare new aligners to set #1 but since the changes were so minuscule, I never really noticed a significant difference.  In my case, my doctor planned it so that, although my top teeth were adjusting ever so slightly, for the first six months, my bottoms were the ones that were making real changes.  Remember, I have 27 aligners for the top and only 19 for the bottom.

In that moment, I was elated!  I thought, “Finally!  All my hard work and sacrifice is beginning to pay off!”  Okay, so it’s not that much hard work and hardly any sacrifice… but sometimes I like to martyr myself.  Woe is me.

What set of aligners did you first see an improvement?


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