ClinCheck Videos!

I was only able to obtain two different angles of Invisalign’s virtual models of my teeth.  I was quite surprised at the fact that I was the first patient in this particular office of Dr. I’s to request ClinCheck videos.  He is undoubtedly the best orthodontist in my town.  I know this not just because of my personal opinion (as I haven’t been through treatment long enough to make an informed decision) but because of his reputation, the years he’s been in practice, and also the fact that he has three separate offices in this area yet still manages to make time for every single one of his patients.  On top of that, his staff is friendly and professional.  I am happy to fork over the extra cash to ensure that my treatment is handled correctly and professionally, without any worry of careless mistakes or set-backs caused by laziness. (I had unsatisfactory experience with the staff at a different orthodontist’s office here in town.)

My usual RDA and I sat at her station trying to figure out how she could save the videos to my flash drive (we ended up emailing them instead).  I’m not familiar with PC systems (not that they’re inferior to Macintosh, I just don’t know how to navigate them!) but, with her controlling the mouse, she concluded that there were only two available options in which to save the video clips.

I know there must be other ways because a with a quick search on YouTube for “ClinCheck Videos”, you’ll get a plethora of results with many variations of angles.  I guess I should just take what I can get, right?

Here is my first video:

Notice how my upper teeth are clearly shown making a drastic move upward.  Before beginning my treatment, I was asked to sign a consent form stating that I understood that, without the use of traditional braces, I had been informed that Invisalign most likely could not make these kinds of corrections.  After seeing my videos for the first time, I was very puzzled.  This will be something I plan to ask Dr. Jason K Tam– a popular orthodontist and an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider out of Toronto, who regularly offers educated, and professional advice on some of the orthodontics forums I like to read.

Here is my second video:

I truly wish I could have separate videos of both my lower and upper jaws.  My bottom teeth are pretty crowded and I’d like to watch them move too!

And when it’s all said and done with, I’d really like to have second gingivectomy; I had my first back in 1994 on my top, front teeth.  I did some crafty Photoshopping with my favorite tool (liquify tool) and here’s what I came up with:

I do understand that only a dental professional, after examining my teeth, would be able to tell me whether or not this is actually possible, but I can dream right?!

I also have my before pictures printed out on some photo paper… I’ll have to scan them and so once I do that, I can post them here as well.  I know it’s still early in my treatment, but I can’t even begin to imagine that my teeth could possibly look like the after image in the .gif file above.  It would be a dream come true!  On that note, I’m going to get greedy and state that what would be even better is if I could have my “gummy smile” corrected as well… and there are certain procedures for this.

I am the poster child for a person with a gummy smile:

Smiling is one of my biggest insecurities.  How sad is that?  Okay, enough of my pity party, here are my options:

1. Refrain from laughing too hard, which I already do in many cases.

2. Botox to restrict lip movement

3. Hypermobile lip lowering surgery

4. Orthognathic Surgery

The last one is pretty crazy.  Though I’ve toyed with the idea of facial plastic surgery in the past, I don’t think I could ever go through with having pieces of my bone removed for cosmetic reasons alone.  I think that if I actually wanted permanent results, I’d have to go with option 3.  Who knows though, I may actually like my smile a year from now.


One thought on “ClinCheck Videos!

  1. Orthodontist here (My credentials=> I came across your blog today and think it is fantastic that you are sharing your experience online. Cool stuff!

    Since you mentioned your gummy smile and that you were considering different options, I thought I might offer a nickel’s worth of advice. Try on the result you would get from the Surgical Myotomy (“lip-lowering surgery”) with Botox treatment before having any surgery done. That way you can make sure you like it.

    Additionally, there isn’t really much published on the stability of the surgical treatment beyond 6 months. There have been several case studies on techniques used to reduce relapse, but again no longitudinal studies beyond a year. Find a surgeon who has done many of these before and has followed up with his patients long term so you know that whatever technique he is using is working for him.

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