Pros and Cons- My Take On Invisalign

EDIT: If you’d like to read a very much updated version of this post, click here!


I’m only on set four so I’m not sure if I have enough cred under my belt to actually write about what I like and dislike as I am not quite yet a ‘seasoned user’ of Invisalign.  I may change my opinions later but as for now, I’ll go ahead and list things anyway.  Let’s begin with what I like.


• The aligners double as perfectly fitting teeth whitening trays.  It is best though, that you wait until you’re about to switch to a new set before you whiten.  I’ve found that my teeth sit more… evenly (?) in the trays thus creating a more evenly distribution of precious whitening gel.  Be careful and make sure to check to see if there are parts of the trays that cover your gums.  I noticed on my third set that some of my gum was covered next to my canines and the gel burned my gums to high hell in those places.

• The dull pain.  It’s the best way I can tell that these plastic things are actually doing their job.

• The ClinCheck videos.  It’s really motivating to watch a virtual model of my teeth morph into teeth that look like someone else’s and not mine.  When I went in for my initial consultation, Dr. I. was extremely concerned about my top right canine as it is turned pretty badly.  He told me that I would most likely need four months of braces prior to, or following my treatment and I wasn’t too happy about that.  Plus, it would cost an extra $800, on top of $5,880 bringing my total to a whopping $6,680. Yikes!  And my teeth aren’t even that jacked up! Luckily, the very day of my consultation, Invisalign G4 technology was released.  I recommend watching this video:

I was extremely excited about this!  According to Aligntech, there are many advances with this new system and hopefully it’ll help correct my problems.  The folks at my orthodontist’s office made me sign a consent acknowledging that I understand that Invisalign will not correct this canine tooth or make any extrusion or intrusion movements (moving teeth up or down from the gum line).  I was quite puzzled with this as my ClinCheck video clearly shows my top front six teeth making a significant move upwards, revealing my hidden bottom teeth, towards the end of my treatment. Now, I know these videos are only an estimate but why would they tell me this when the outcome shows the complete opposite of what they’re telling me?  Hmm… I suppose I’ll leave it up to the professionals.  I will post my ClinCheck videos once I get them formatted properly;  they don’t seem to want to work with my iMac.

• I like how the aligners are pretty close to being ‘invisible’.  They’re advertised as being completely invisible, however I disagree.  When you have attachments, and your aligners are in, they are somewhat visible but I’m okay with that.  It’s a huge difference than traditional braces, metal or clear.  I like when I take the aligners out… my attachments almost disappear into the color of my teeth… and I have seven on top and seven on bottom… that’s fourteen lumps of cement crap!


• Does your home have busily-patterned granite counter tops like mine does? Given the fact that I’m pretty lazy, it’s almost guaranteed that when I remove my aligners at home, I won’t store them in one of the two cases Invisalign so kindly provided in the starter kit.  So that you can kinda get a feel for what my typical dilemma is, let’s play the Can You Find The Aligners game!  It’s like Where’s Waldo.  Sorta.

Take a long look at this first picture:

Here’s a hint if you haven’t spotted them:

Here ya go…

The camera isn’t playing tricks on your eyes; it is always this hard to find them.  So instead of searching, I just get eye-level with my counter tops and bam! there they are.

• I hate the fact that I have to clean the stupid things so often.  A little bit of cloudiness, again, drives me nuts.  So  yesterday, I decided to Google “dirty aligners” just to see if mine were actually bad… and this beauty came up at the top of Google’s search results:

Dirty Invisalign Aligners

Really??  REALLY??!!!!!  ..DISGUSTING…. just dirty.  How does someone let their aligners even get this way?  My gag reflex is fully engaged right now.  If your aligners ever end up like this… well, all I can say is that you’re probably doing something wrong.  And that’s an understatement.

• It’s hard to get used to the attachments… especially if you have 14 like me.  I stated earlier that I like how clear they are but that might just be because I’ve bleached the shit out of my teeth.  I’ve seen pictures of other Invisalign bloggers where the attachments are very visible due to the color contrast.  Or perhaps their orthodontist office used a different material…?  I don’t know.

When they bonded my attachments, there was a big mess of composite left behind that, after a month and a half, is still there.  When my aligners are out, the surface of the teeth with attachments constantly feel dirty… even in places where there shouldn’t be any composite.  It drives me absolutely nuts.  So much that in order to make myself feel better, I run my tongue over my favorite tooth because it’s smooth (yeah, I’ve got a favorite tooth ’cause it actually looks straight in pictures… don’t judge me).  I’m sure this excess composite material can be buffed out or chiseled but over the weeks, some has gone away so I’m just hoping that’ll happen to the rest.

• I can’t bite on my nails. (Gross occasional habit that was easy to kick!)    …Well, I suppose, I could just remove my aligners but I choose not to deal with the hassle.

• Water spots on my mirror.  I absolutely loathe water spots on my bathroom mirror but they are almost inevitable when brushing the trays under running water.  I am in no way a perfect housekeeper… water spots are just one of my pet peeves.  I keep a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex under the sink for when I need to clean off the mirror!

• I found out that I’m not a total pig like I had thought I was.  I read that it’s fairly common for people to lose weight during treatment because having the trays in cuts out snacking.  I haven’t lost any weight because I realized I never snacked much in the first place.  Oh well… so much for my $6,000 diet plan.

• Dining out can be a pain.  Notice the word, “can”.  If you’re anywhere near as classy as I am, then removing your aligners at the table won’t be a problem.  I’m not exactly discrete about it anymore… I just make sure no one’s looking and I know my husband couldn’t care less anyway.  If I’m with a group of people, I’ll excuse myself though.

• Brushing your teeth in public bathrooms is awesome!  Especially if someone’s defecating in the stall closest to the sink.  Disgusting.  I think I’d almost rather risk a cavity.

That’s about it for right now.  Of course, I’ll continue to add things as I think of them.  All in all though, I love Invisalign and I actually like wearing my aligners… They don’t bother me one bit.  Despite all my “cons” I definitely wouldn’t have taken a different route.


I have developed a strong relationship with Polident!  Try soaking your aligners in this denture cleaner several times a week and you won’t be disappointed.


11 thoughts on “Pros and Cons- My Take On Invisalign

  1. I know it has been a while since you wrote this, but I wanted to say thank you!! I got Invisalign yesterday and the attachments make my teeth feel so dirty. I was starting to think no one has had this problem, and was starting to worry! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Susan, I appreciate your comment! Unfortunately the yuckiness never gets old, however you will get used to it. Just keep your eye on the prize! I just posted my progress pictures today and, until just then, I didn’t realize the difference…. WOW! It’s all so worth it 😉

  3. I go to highschool, and lots of people have asked why my teeth are shiny:( and I really detest the cement bumps even though I only have eight total… I’m about 30 weeks in! D;

  4. I am just at the initial consultation phase but thought I would read up on what I am getting myself into. It does look a bit scary but I hate the thought of my teeth getting worse than they already are (they were naturally straight for years and then suddenly in the past year my canines have decided to turn and my whitening trays no longer fit right) I’m hoping that Care Credit feels friendly and it won’t be a $6000 bill for two teeth but knowing my luck they’ll say all of them will have to move to make space for the two. Thanks for sharing your experience and I love the videos and progress updates very cool!

  5. How do the attachments affect whitening your teeth? When you had them removed, was the spot underneath stained? I’m worried but I want to whiten my teeth!

    • I’m no expert but the way I see it is your teeth can only get so white, ya know? If the area around your attachment is free of stains, but there’s a normal stain underneath (coffee, wine, tea, etc) then once you whiten it’ll remove the stuff that’s remaining. I just had my last attachments removed and one tooth in particular was a darker shade than the others (I’m assuming it’s because it’s had several attachments on it from day one). After a couple rounds, it seems to match all the others now. Good luck!

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