Day 7

So I’ve made it seven whole days and I’m still alive.  Just two days ago, I was wondering if I would ever get used to the awkward plastic things that have taken up residence in my mouth… but lo and behold, they no longer bother me!  I woke up rested this morning only with one complaint: an achy jaw.  I know exactly why… and it’s not solely from tooth movement; it’s from clenching my teeth!

It’s driving me freakin nuts!  Clench, clench, clench, all. day. long.  Hopefully this will go away soon because it’s taking a toll on my poor jaw… and I can’t imagine it’s good for the aligners either.

In other news, I think my teeth have moved quite nicely in just this short period of time.  Though I obviously can’t see any differences, my bite has completely changed.  In just a week!  Another weird thing that I feel I must point out is how loose my teeth have become.  Since I am the google master (self appointed), I looked this up and apparently it’s all quite normal.

Ya hear that?  Loose teeth are normal… I guess.

And yes, let’s talk about my red bull relapse from the other day.  I truly am trying to quit, okay?  And I’m doing so much better.  To scare myself, I did some more google-search-result-reading. As it turns out, sugar isn’t the main reason the good ol orthodontist doesn’t want me drinking this crap with my aligners in… the acidity is the problem.  Since “the relapse”, I’ve had two red bulls… both with my aligners in.  I figured that since I drink the sugar-free kind, I had nothing to worry about.   Wrong!

Years ago, I used to not give a flying crap about my oral health… flossing? What the hell is flossing??  I tricked myself into thinking that I could actually trick the dentist into thinking that I flossed regularly, if I flossed a few times before a cleaning.  I was such an idiot.  Anyway, I paid the piper and got cavities, of course.  Then I moved away and had to find a new dentist.  One that told me the dire state of my poor teeth… in a not-so-kind way.  In fact, he was a total dick.  Whatever though, because nothing but good came out of it.  I took on the “I’ll show him!” attitude and became addicted to flossing- probably in an unhealthy way.  Side note:  On a normal day, before Invisalign, I would floss a minimum of three times.  Morning, noon, and night.  Now, I don’t even count.

Even then though, you would think that I had never heard of bleaching.  I remember one of the hygienists telling me these exact words (before the dentist filled a cavity), “I’m gonna go ahead and give you this color of resin composite rather than your actual tooth color for when you decide to whiten your teeth… not that you need to or anything, but you know. Just in case.”  I’m actually highly embarrassed when I look back at my wedding photos.  What the hell was I thinking when I looked into the mirror?  My yellow teeth must’ve been acceptable…

Yes folks, that is a zit on my face.  On my wedding day.  My dad took this picture and I’ve left it unedited so we can all marvel at its glory.  Yellow teeth, zit, tan lines, whateeever you’d like to look at.  These days, I prefer to actually take care of my teeth.  Here’s a self portrait trio taken just the other day:

Notice my happy cat.  She loves me dearly.

Anyway, in these pictures, I am in fact wearing my aligners.  You can hardly see them, right?!  My next appointment for trays two, three, and four, is set for the 18th.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting my attachments that day which is why I’ve bleached the absolute shit out of my teeth before hand.  I figure that I won’t be able to do it for the months that I have these ‘buttons’ glued to my teeth so why not do it ahead of time?

I bought the 35% bleach gel from my dentist for only $25 and it works way better than the best Crest whitestrips (which work great too, but take longer and only cover your front teeth.)  My only problem is the application.  Here’s how it usually goes:

Step 1:  Remove trays, wipe off slobber from chin, rinse slobber from trays

Step 2:  Apply small dots of bleach to each tooth area in both trays

Step 3:  Run tap water on cold

Step 4:  Snap in only one tray

Step 5:  Immediate damage control!  With cold water and a finger, immediately scrub off excess bleach that is scorching gums on contact

Step 6:  Repeat for second tray

Step 7:  Wait 30 minutes, rinse, and teeth are noticeably whiter.  Smile

Man, I really can’t wait until I have straight teeth.   I think this is all worth it.

Oh, and I’m still cringing after going through my wedding pictures again… thank god for photoshop.


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