Day 4

Reason #4397 why I’m straightening my grill.

So here it is, the new year and I don’t feel much different (aside from my achy teeth).  After waiting a very long five weeks for my first set of trays, I finally received them last Thursday.  I’ve wanted straight teeth my entire adult existence and I was finally getting my wish.  No more goofy-ass smile, no more stupid-looking smirks when posing for pictures.

So how have my first four days been, you ask?  Quite eventful.  I’m already compiling a list of shit you shouldn’t do with Invisalign… like removing your trays at your table in a fine dining establishment or thinking that replacing beer with 66 proof cinnamon whiskey is a great idea.  Apparently falling off the tailgate of a lifted Chevy, face first into the sand, isn’t exactly becoming of this twenty-seven year-old ‘lady’.   Needless to say, I was the talk of the beach yesterday.

Note to self:  Throttle back on whiskey.

Rewind back to last Wednesday.  I woke up bright and early to get ready for my 10:10 appointment; I was so excited!  I left early enough to make my usual pit stop at the store down the road… for my last sugar free red bull.  This was (and still is) a big deal, people!  During the past several years, I have become more and more dependent on this caffeine laced concoction.  Like a meth addict I would imagine.  And it’s super pathetic.  I know this because all my favorite employees at said store make sure to remind me of that fact every time I drop in for my next blue and silver-canned fix.  But now it is official.  I am using Invisalign to wean myself off of this precious, addicting (and expensive!) liquid.  Go me!

When I arrived at my orthodontist’s office, I downed my drink and found a seat amongst what felt like 100 preteens and their moms.  While surfing facebook from my phone, I waited twenty minutes before I was called back where I waited horizontally for another ten.  When the assistant came back, the conversation went kinda like this:

Assistant: “Hiii, how are you doing today?  Excited, huh??”

Me:  “Yeah!”  <– like a little kid

Assistant:  “Well, unfortunately your aligners haven’t showed up yet but the tracking number says they’re in El Paso as we speak.  I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to reschedule.”

Me:  “…….but… I took off work to be here…” <– only a partial lie

Assistant:  “I’m sorry, hun.”  Which didn’t sound the slightest bit sincere, so I left and waited for a phone call.  Fortunately, my trays arrived the following day and they were able to fit me in.  Yay!

The appointment took all of ten minutes.  The assistant (no, not the one whose gloved fingers I bit during the impression process)     handed me my trays and simply said, “Try em on!”  Both the bottom and top trays snapped right in and my head immediately began to feel incredibly… claustrophobic?  I removed them with ease even though big strings of saliva came along with my new aligners (ew.)  I reassured myself that I would soon get the hang of this. Then I asked to see my ClinCheck video.  Thanks to all my studying up, I was fully confident in acting like I knew what the hell I was talking about.  She then pulled up a computer generated model of my teeth and together we watched as they magically became straight right before my eyes.  I felt like I was looking at someone else’s mouth and not mine… no way could my teeth ever look like that.  Evah.  But it was true… that would be me twenty-seven trays and around fourteen months into the future.

So that was it.  I was ready to go.  I left and sat in my car staring at myself in the rear view mirror for a good five minutes.

My teeth felt very, very weird but what they said was true, you can hardly see them.  Before I took the first step of signing up for this process, I did a lot of reading.  A lot.  On quite a few forums, the word claustrophobic was pretty common.  At the time, I couldn’t imagine my mouth feeling ‘claustrophobic’ but boy do I understand now.  It’s almost as if my teeth are being squeezed from every direction… oh wait, they are.  By 8:00 that night, I was ready to punch myself in the face, and then maybe have some red wine but I did neither.  Dinner was uneventful but I was shockingly surprised at how much my teeth had shifted in just the five hours I had had the aligners in.  My bite felt completely different.  For example, I have this bad habit of biting my bottom lip if my skin feels chapped (gross, right).  Well, after just those five hours, I was able to touch my two best snaggled teeth together… something that I hadn’t been able to do before!

Sleeping is another issue.  I haven’t gotten a good night’s rest since I’ve had these in.  I’m sure this will change but for right now, it’s completely and totally annoying.  I feel like I’m forever biting down on one of those x-ray cardboard things the dentist puts in your mouth.  My jaw also feels just plain ol’ tired… like I’ve been chewing for hours on end.  As I said though, I am quite confident this will all subside sometime soon, I hope.  Twenty-seven trays seems like a long, long way off.  Until then, I’ll do my best to post all the awesome crap that happens to me along the way.


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